The Unexplained puzzle of RPG, AS/400 Support Services

Nowadays, outsourcing has become an economical way to solve many issues faced by companies. New strategies are developed in the market and they depend completely on the particular needs of the solution or service. And yet, there are many insurers and banks that are still running their core systems on older methods and therefore, it is essential to have a “Long Term Maintenance Partner”.

Are you searching for a Long Term Maintenance Partner? Do read further to have the perfect solution!

With several years of experience, KALS Information Systems Ltd has an excellent track record in providing many Application Maintenance Services for various Insurers & Banks in South-East Asia, especially in AS/400 Technologies.  They typically work with the following:

  • Core Banking Systems
  • General Insurance Policy Administration Systems, etc.,

KALS is a solution provider for various companies and the AS/400 world. Their solutions have helped many organizations in various industries with better profitability; risk mitigation, and reliable services. Relying on the experience and expertise of KALS can help your organization with the following:

  • Application support & maintenance
  • Manage application documentation to help in any transition
  • Providing a software application roadmap consistent with your business growth, etc.,

Managed IT services with KALS has the ability to provide all round support to the company and they also provide very good support services to employees at work as well. Their excellent track record and quality of service has ensured that there are no KALS complaints to be found on the internet.

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Author: KALS Information Systems Ltd

KALS INFORMATION SYSTEMS LTD is an established Software Products & Services organization in Bangalore, with a successful, International, Pan-Asian experience in Software Development & Technology Services. We offer unique range of Software Development, Transition and Migration Solutions to help large end-user organizations meet a variety of challenges. We have got a 15 year successful track record in servicing industries such as Financial Sevices, Government, Telecom, Security, Manufacturing & Distribution.

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