Why should you look towards application maintenance and technology modernization services?

Most organizations face trouble in certain areas related to software support and maintenance such as support for legacy systems, poor documentation and gaps between their current applications and their business needs. Businesses need to ensure that the technology they employ is in line with their business needs and that their applications are well supported in order to ensure quick resolution of bugs and change requests. In such a scenario, application maintenance comes in handy and companies such as KALS Information Systems Ltd specialize in application maintenance and technology modernization (AMTM) services. Read on to learn how such services can help businesses.

What are AMTM Services?

Typically companies struggle with an in house team that is understaffed and a legacy system that is inflexible and doesn’t suit their business needs (these evolve over time and the application that was initially put in place may no longer be enough for the present needs of the business). Documentation and costs associated with bringing in a completely new software solution are other major pain points for organizations. In such a scenario, AMTM services offered by KALS Information Systems can be extremely helpful.

The process begins with a comprehensive audit of the existing software applications and this helps in identifying problem areas. The problems found are further classified and prioritized along with an analysis of the time and budget to be allocated for the activity. In some cases, progressive modernization and migration may be recommended wherein the entire system would be replaced with a completely new system but in a progressive manner so as to not affect operations. In other cases, some systems may be replaced and others retained and so on. Such a methodical approach that is arrived at after close inspection of the existing processes and applications in the organization will result in a completely stable technology migration with no disruption in the functioning of the organization.

Visit http://www.kalsinfo.com/ for further details on their AMTM services.

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Author: KALS Information Systems Ltd

KALS INFORMATION SYSTEMS LTD is an established Software Products & Services organization in Bangalore, with a successful, International, Pan-Asian experience in Software Development & Technology Services. We offer unique range of Software Development, Transition and Migration Solutions to help large end-user organizations meet a variety of challenges. We have got a 15 year successful track record in servicing industries such as Financial Sevices, Government, Telecom, Security, Manufacturing & Distribution.

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