All there is to know about the technology mentoring program

There nothing constant expect for change in today’s world and this adage is particularly true when it comes to technology. It is ever changing and companies working in the IT domain most certainly need to watch out for the latest upgrades, improvements and market trends when it comes to technology. This is particularly important when there are in house teams as they would need to be up to speed on what’s hot and what’s not and be proficient in the latest technologies doing the rounds in the industry and so on. This has given rise to the need for technology mentoring and it is a fairly new concept with only a handful of companies having had success in the area. KALS Information Systems Limited is one of the front runners in technology mentoring and here’s what they do; read on to learn more.

Technology mentoring is all about helping your in-house teams learn and master new technical skills and stay current in a market that is ever changing. They offer mentoring programs that are tailor made to suit the training requirements of an organization. After an assessment of the skill level of the in house team, problem points and areas are identified and all the key challenges pertaining to the program are summarized along with a plan of action for the management of the organization. Once the plan is approved, experts from KALS Information Systems come up with a set of processes and standards to be followed throughout every phase of project execution and also work on training the team for skill upgradation and mastery.

If you are looking to venture into new technologies that your team isn’t proficient in or if you are looking forward to improving your in house team’s competency, you should look forward to this program. Visit for more details.

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Author: KALS Information Systems Ltd

KALS INFORMATION SYSTEMS LTD is an established Software Products & Services organization in Bangalore, with a successful, International, Pan-Asian experience in Software Development & Technology Services. We offer unique range of Software Development, Transition and Migration Solutions to help large end-user organizations meet a variety of challenges. We have got a 15 year successful track record in servicing industries such as Financial Sevices, Government, Telecom, Security, Manufacturing & Distribution.

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